UniSkyUSA partners with SkyWay Technologies for problem solution development that affects all. Especialy relevant, our daily commutes and shipping goods around the globe. Hence, string technology as the new transportation system solution. We will achieve this by building new revolutionary infrastructure.

Transportation is a major part of the driving force connecting communities and strengthening our economy. Together we can offer faster and more enjoyable travel for every county, every city, and every American without damaging the environment and spending tremendous capital investment.

We see this innovative technology implementation solving major national and ultimately global issues. As an example, today, overpopulation and pollution are being managed by systems, fossil fuel, that will most likely become exempt by the year 2030.

SkyWay string technology development aims to modernize global transportation without harming lands and damaging soil. Therefore, SkyWay and its partners, are planning to share this vision globally. Most noteworthy, implement 62,000 miles of string roads in next 10 years. They already have contracts in place for over 99,000 miles up to date. Consequently, here, we are looking for more people and counties to share our vision with. As a result, our main goal is to continue the general export, import, and travel without disrupting the economy. The most important point is creating a new and ecological market for transportation.

Furthermore, with the success of Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy, the inventor of SkyWay technology, and its disruptive approach to transportation and infrastructure, UniSkyUSA wants to immediately see SkyWay systems built in America and join those already successfully underway across the globe.

“Money makes the world go around, of that we can be sure,” sang Alan Cummings in the popular stage play “Cabaret.” As a result, profitable backing for building our new revolutionary infrastructure is well underway. Acquire a knowledge of its participation and status here at Capitalization.