UniSkyUSA uses business capitalization and has partnered with SkyWay Technoloy Co. As a result, sites. where American certification, required to build cargo, city, and high-speed test routes, can be built or take part within the already established EcoTechnoPark. Most noteworthy, global certification is being carried out and orders for targeted project implementations are being obtained around the world.

Business Capitalization



Due to this approach, we are helping those who place a great deal of emphasis on financial security and on preserving wealth growth with risk avoidance. Also, steering the ship when it comes to making investment decisions is possible through this type of technology participation. Since this is not a general investing fad, nor the status quo, and has already proven its success in a growth market, there is yet still room for cautious forthright action. While many are very interested in this process and are engaged, consequently, all are contributing to a faster and more enjoyable transportation infrastructure, connecting communities and strengthening our economies. As a result, this business capitalization makes it happen without damaging the environment or forcing tremendous capital investment.

Capitalization Stages

Stage 8 is our current stage: July — December 2016

Transfer of 7,500,000,000 shares at a discount ranging from 1:125 to 1:300.

Performance work of Stage 8:

  • 8-1. Completion of creating working documentation for the urban test complex of SkyWay (SW) technology of the fourth generation. Characteristics of the urban complex: the total length of two test sections (mounted and suspended with string rails and string truss) — 2,550 m in one direction; design speed — up to 120 km/h; design capacity — up to 25,000 passengers/hour; automated system of safety, control, energy supply and communications; maximum design track gradient — 15% (at the section with a sagging track structure).
  • The estimated cost of working documentation for urban SW-complex (in case of documentation sale on the world market, without construction of test sections) — USD 500 million.
  • 8-2. Separation of an urban trend in SW-technologies into a separate structural subdivision and transfer of this design potential (about 50 designers plus service personnel) for improvement of the fourth generation of urban transportation, for development of other types of passenger and cargo transportation (“city − airport”, “city − city” and others), for development of new models of urban mounted and suspended unibuses and unicars, and for designing the next generation of urban, developer’s and infrastructural SW-technologies, including intellectual fencing, affordable housing, linear cities, fertile soil, etc.
  • 8-3. Continuing work on project documentation for the last test complex − high-speed – on a “turnkey” basis: the corresponding rail-string overpass, rolling stock and infrastructure, including an automated system of safety, control, energy supply and communications. Staff increase in SkyWay Technologies Co. up to 175 designers with the corresponding increase of service personnel.
  • 8-4. Continuing works on creation of experimental-industrial and production bases of SkyWay holding company and execution of construction and assembly works. Continuation of construction and assembly works on creation of test complexes of cargo, urban and high-speed SW-systems.
  • Development Stages of SkyWay Group of Companies
  • 8-5. Continuing works on creation of scientific, testing, technological and operating equipment and tooling required for experimental industrial testing, certification, construction and operation of cargo, urban and high-speed SW-systems, including rail-string overpasses, rolling stock and infrastructure of the “second level”.
  • 8-6. Continuing work with customers from all over the world on targeted projects of cargo, urban and high-speed international SW-systems with the purpose of concluding preliminary contracts and receiving pre-orders and advance payments for these orders.

Expenses for Stage 8 — USD 20,000,000 capitalization (rent of premises, acquisition of additional working places for project engineers, designers, etc. with the licensed software, salaries for designers, service personnel and Companies’ management, placement of pre-orders for transport overpasses, rolling stock and infrastructure, advance payments, marketing, project design, assembly and construction works at the pilot and production bases and test sections of SW-systems, scientific, research and development works, etc.).

As a result, there are five reasons to become a technology co-owner.

Good investment

According to economists’ forecast, after placing shares on IPO, they will be in demand at a value of $1 per share.

World corporation co-ownership

You will become a co-owner of the future largest world transport corporation.

Life-long dividends

You will get a profit corresponding to your number of shares with each project realized by the company.

Intellectual property

The company owns the exclusive right of string transport technology. According to the independent experts estimates, this technology worth about $400 000 000 000

Changing the world

You have the opportunity to participate in project capitalization that will change world’s transportation system and will make it more available and safer to billions of people!

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