UniSkyUSA is focused to improve the condition of the American environment through increased financial resources by an improved use of technology in the transportation infrastructure. It has recognized and partnered with the dominant player, the SkyWay transport system will provide the most significant disruption of transportation and infrastructure in America. It is the most economical, efficient, highest performance, safe, and secure system in the market. Learn more about the technology here.

The engineering company, SkyWay Technologies Co. is the breakthrough in the design, construction, and certification of this modern and segment-leading transport system, SkyWay. This system revolutionizes the transportation and infrastructure of Urban, Cargo, High-speed, and Seaport transport solutions.  All of these development solutions are based on SkyWay technology (Minsk, Republic of Belarus). SkyWay Technologies Co. (http://sw-tech.by/en/kompaniya.html)/)

About 1945, almost every city in America had at least one electric tram company providing intra-city transportation. Of the estimated 36,366 light rail vehicles, improved private automobile ownership cut this number by 1/3, 1965. In the 1950’s, the USA renewed building the most important element of its network of high-capacity, high-speed highways, the Interstate Highway system. The airline industry displaced the intercity rail ridership by the late 1960s. During the 1970s almost all passenger rail operation and ownership had been transferred to various federal, municipal and state agencies. Freight railroads have declined within the heavily regulated operating environment and constrained pricing power into two eastern and two western private transportation networks. Wartime expediency produced long-distance pipeline transport of petroleum and natural gas that has now greatly expanded to take over most of our domestic long-haul market.

UniSkyUSA knows that the current approach to designing, building, and operating transportation and infrastructure has seen little change, and its key elements are based on technology over a century old. This impact on today’s society, regarding resource congestion, consumption, environmental degradation, loss of life and serious injury has become ripe for a technological disruption. SkyWay transport technology offers fully integrated solutions to address the nation’s mass transit needs. UniSkyUSA is in the right position with the right technology at the right time for delivering the correct transportation and infrastructure to ensure the future a safe cost-efficient and sustainable growth needed to connect communities to places and freight production to ports.